Wednesday, October 19, 2011

update; 2011

I have just finished the ninth chapter of my novel. sorry for the delay.

Monday, October 18, 2010

refernces for my book

Although i had the idea for a long time my vision of the future was influenced by several pieces of art. Here are just a few.

Hey I'm Jordan and im an author

Hello, I am currently writing a fiction novel, so far I'm into the the third chapter. I will be selling it on at one point (and I'll post a link when the ebook is ready). I need to know if people want me to sell it chapter by chapter or all at once? I'll be posting the first few pages soon so people can get a taste of the story. plz comment and ask questions.

 The story takes place in the future, in the massive Mount Everest City. The city has the population of a small country, and it takes up the entire east side of the mountain. In the future several cities have to relocate due to earth quakes and storms. So those cities compile together into districts of different cultures and origins (eg.America, China, Canada, Japan, Russia etc.). The leaders of each group had more evil plans in mind. The perfect city quickly becomes controlled by several dictators. And each district is at a different stage of poverty. Though the rich control the top districts, (clean, rich, fresh air etc.). To the resistance those dictators are known as the T.T.F (the theocracy faction).

Our protagonist is 17 year old Anthony Daniels. Sent away from his parents at a young age, ignorant of his parent's involvement with the resistance. The T.T.F don't know that, and they're after him. It's up to our hero to explore his family's history and fight the tyrants of Mount Everest City!